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Boating & Personal Watercraft Accidents

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Georgia Boating Accident Law Firm

Accidents involving boats, Jet Skis®, WaveRunners® and other personal watercraft can be just as devastating as any car wreck.

Unfortunately, serious boating and personal watercraft accidents are a common occurrence on Georgia’s lakes and rivers — most likely because without stop lights, intersections or speed limit signs to restrict them, people lose their inhibitions and become willing to take foolish chances on the water that they would never think of taking on the road.

In many cases, intoxication is the primary cause. In others — excessive speed, not knowing the rules, carelessness, product design flaws or an unfamiliarity with what the watercraft can and cannot do may be the primary cause. In any case, the fact that ” the rules on the water” are not nearly as well understood as  ” the rules of the road” gives insurance companies the opportunity to take advantage of boating accident victims.

We fight to protect the rights of injured people throughout the state of Georgia and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you — at no cost and with no strings attached.

Experience, Commitment, and Results

Drawing from more than 27 years of experience in personal injury litigation, our firm prepares each case as if a trial is inevitable. In our view, this is the best way to accomplish the goal of achieving maximum compensation for any given client.

As part of that process, we will review your medical records and meet with your doctors to discuss your injuries and your current and future medical expenses. We can then tell you what we think is a fair financial settlement in your case. Often, the intensive case preparation and other investments we make early on in the process do lead to fair out-of-court settlements. However, when insurance companies are not willing to provide a reasonable and just settlement — our firm will not hesitate to pursue litigation. We have a proven track record of achieving significant jury verdicts.