Problems With State Farm Insurance

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Problems With State Farm Insurance

Atlanta Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

  • Are you having problems resolving a dispute with State Farm Insurance?
  • Has your insurance claim been turned down unfairly?

Every year hundreds of people find that the “good neighbor” they counted on to be there in their time of need is not such a good neighbor after all. They find their insurance payments held up, unpaid medical bills stacking up, and claims denied.

If you’ve had problems getting the money you deserve in a timely manner from State Farm or any other insurance company, contact the law office of Crowe Law in Conyers, Georgia.

Experience You Can Count On

Our attorney have decades of experience negotiating with insurance companies and taking them to court if that’s what’s needed to get results. Samuel J. Crowe’s understanding of how insurance companies operate allows him to protect his clients’ interests better.

Have You Experienced These Problems?

  • Were you promised a settlement that you still haven’t received months later?
  • Has State Farm refused to pay your medical bills or promised to pay but your medical providers are now harassing you for payment?

Are you aware that if you carry uninsured and under-insured insurance on your car policy and you are injured by an uninsured driver and bring a claim, your own company may defend the person who caused the accident in order to minimize their payment to you?

Even if you have paid premiums for years, you are likely to find that your strongest advocate is not your insurance company. It’s your lawyer. We are here to protect your interests.

To put experience on your side in court, contact the Conyers law office of Crowe Law.